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- To everyone suffering damage from the torrential downpour in July 2018 in western Japan: -

To all who have suffered damage from the recent flooding and earthquake in western Japan,
we extend our heartfelt sympathy to you and your families.
Our hearts go out to you in your time of sorrow. We pray for your safety and for the speedy recovery and reconstruction of affected areas.

Products Business

Automotive products

We handle a large variety of automotive products such as brake parts, engines parts, and electronic toll collection system (ETC), and the details are presented here.

Processing and assembly of control panels for industrial equipment

We process and assemble devices related primarily to industrial equipment, and the details are presented here.

Trading Business

Electric and electronic parts

Electronic products evolve on a daily basis and are essential to everyday life. Our electric wire and electronic parts business, which has existed since our company was founded, is described here.

Photovoltaic power generation equipment

The photovoltaic power generation equipment business has become central to the development of next-generation clean energy that is geo-environmentally friendly and is introduced here.

LED lighting equipment

LED lighting produces a pleasant, human friendly atmosphere. Lights that will be used for illumination in the future are introduced here.

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