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About us ご挨拶・企業理念

Thanks to your support, Mizusho is celebrating its 60th anniversary as of January 2016.We are especially grateful to our customers, shareholders, suppliers, and neighbors, whose continuous patronage and cooperation are the backbone of our success.

First established in 1956 as a trading company for electric/electronic parts such as magnetic wires and coils, Mizusho has since evolved with the advancement of technology and time, from the processing and production of wiring harnesses in high-tech automobiles to the automation of machine control-panel assembly, in order to fulfill our role in bridging customer needs and electronic products.

We look forward to delivering more valued services for our customers in the future, services that are in tune with both changing times and globalization. We also pledge to remain committed to contributing to the protection of the domestic environment as well as to the restoration and revival of the Kyushu and Tohoku regions.

We look forward to your continued encouragement and guidance. Thank you.

July 2016
President Mamoru Hashimoto

Company creed

Company creed: sincerity, enthusiasm, originality

Company philosophy

We are striving to be a company that maintains a daily spirit of challenge and innovation while making a positive contribution to society.

Basic ISO policy

Basic philosophy:

In Japan and other countries, including China, Mizusho Corporation is involved primarily in the purchase and sale of electric wires, cables, and electronic parts, and in the production of wire harnesses.We aim to attain, maintain, and improve the quality of our products to satisfy our customers. We also wish to reduce our environmental footprint and to “develop a sustainable society” by striving to conserve the global environment.

Quality Policy

  1. Constantly monitor customer needs, strive to construct a quality management system, and make continuous improvements to the system's effectiveness to meet these needs.
  2. Provide products and services that satisfy customer requirements, as well as comply with laws, regulations, and other requirements to which the company has consented.
  3. For the satisfaction of customers, prevent defective goods from occurring or flowing out of the company.
  4. Establish, enforce, and review annual quality goals.
  5. Disseminate information about the company’s quality policies to all employees by posting the information internally and conducting quality-related training.
  6. The company’s quality policies are posted on its website.

Feb 2018
President Mamoru Hashimoto

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